Air Travel for Wheelchair Users

Air travel opens new destinations and opportunities to travelers of all abilities. Before taking a flight, wheelchair users should understand what the experience will entail and how to plan for some of the accessibility challenges.

This webinar considers the air travel experience from booking to baggage claim, answering questions about wheelchair assistance in the airport, traveling with a personal wheelchair, using the bathroom during flight and more.

John Morris is one of the foremost experts in the field of accessible travel, drawing from his experience of nearly one million miles flown as a wheelchair user and triple amputee.

He educates people with disabilities through his accessible travel website and advises companies through his consultancy, Accessible Development Group. Known for traveling the world with one hand, a passport and his power wheelchair, he has become a strong advocate for accessibility and inclusion within the travel industry. John is an accessible travel thought leader that shares a vision for an open world with both travel providers and the community at large.