French Riviera Holiday Travel Vlog | Must See Spots to  Visit South of France!

French Riviera Holiday Travel Vlog | Must See Spots to Visit South of France!


These were the highlights of our amazing trip in the southern part of France. Having a car in this area of France is a must as it gives you the freedom to explore! There’s plenty to see and do in the region Côte d’Azur. We wanted to share this amazing experience with you so that maybe one day you’ll have the information you need to plan a trip to the french riviera!

Aix en Provence –

Biocookin.aix on Instagram ( We dream about their cookies!)
-28 Rue Bédarrides, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France

Boulangerie Paul ( This is a great snack place. You can find these bakeries all over the french riviera. It like a fancy Tim Hortons but WAY better!)
3 Rue Maréchal Foch, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France

Rougon, France –

This is the most amazing village we have come across. When you get there parking is on the outskirt of the village but its a very short drive in. This is a very quiet village so remember to be respectful and say bonjour!

Le Mur d’Abeilles ( Creperie) – This small restaurant only makes crepes as their main dish. But they are amazing! You must try this spot to eat after wandering around Rougon.

Gorges du Verdon ( Ponte du Galetas ) –
This is the view point you see in the video and its also close to where yo can rent the boats! Just walk down to the beach. But bring 1 piece of ID as they will ask you for it during your rental. Price is about 20 euros and hour.

Calanque du Mugel-
Once you get to the main beach there a closed gate you can just climb over or it might just be opened. (Use the picture of the calanque du mugel as reference to see where your going) Just keep following the trail its not very hard to find!
Location to secret spot

Restaurant Le Mugel
This is where we had lunch that day. Very reasonably priced and amazing seafood with a relaxing atmosphere.

Calanque de Figuerolles
This was a second stop to our beach day. Very easy to find!

This is the town we spent the most time in. It was just the perfect spot to hang out all day or come to for dinner! It’s also very close to all the beaches and main attractions.

La Stazione
Amazing Italian restaurant on Cassis. Big portions, great taste and fast service! This restaurant was a go to for us!

Sunset Spot Cassis!
Park at this location and walk a nice trail up or the road to see an amazing sunset!

Those are all the highlight spots we wanted to share! If you have any questions ask away in the comment box.

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