How to Afford a Winter Vacation

How to Afford a Winter Vacation

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Set your mind on creating an affordable winter vacation and you’ll find that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Step 1: Think balance
Think balance, knowing that to afford a winter vacation you must save and budget for travel well before you start planning your vacation. Boost vacation savings by selling unwanted items online or at a garage sale, asking your boss for a raise, or using coupons to save on groceries. Add the money made to a separate vacation account.

Save money on monthly bills by switching to a cheaper phone plan, switching insurance companies, or canceling cable television. Add your savings to the vacation account.

Step 2: Explore off-season destinations
Explore off-season destinations that align with your winter vacation goals. Many destinations offer cheaper rates for different times of the year.

Step 3: Save on airfare
Save on airfare by booking online just after midnight when airlines adjust computer listings. Look for last-minute bargains, fly with small airlines, or fly into cities near your destination to save money.

Step 4: Give up the four-star hotel
Give up the four-star hotel with amenities to reduce lodging costs. Instead stay at a chain motel or small hotel where you will pay less.

Ask if hotels or motels have senior or military discounts that you may qualify for.

Step 5: Rely on cheap local transit
Rely on cheap local transit to get around, like buses, bikes, scooters, subways, and trains. Now, relax and have the time of your life on your well-deserved getaway.

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How to Afford a Winter Vacation