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The one that started it all; the one that made celebrities out of its participants; the one that made it amply clear that we at Adventures Overland were here to undertake the ostensibly impossible and turn it upon its head! This was the first of our triumphant trio of trips to London by road.

ROAD TO LONDON – 2017 edition was the first time in the history of independent India that 27 phenomenal people had given into their urge to achieve the implausible and embarked upon a road trip like no other.
We covered an incredible distance of 16,000 km in a convoy of 13 4×4 SUVs, crossing 18 countries en route, within a span of just 49 days.

It was an epic trip, to say the least. And one which is still making waves till date.

Route: India – Myanmar – Thailand – Laos – China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan – Kazakhstan – Russia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Czech Republic – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France – London, United Kingdom

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Road To London was bound to make headlines, but our participants were not far behind and have become celebrities in their own right after this expedition. Here are some of their stories:

Mumbai to London by Road: 73-year-old Mr. Badri Baldawa with his wife & 9-year-old granddaughter –

Bangalore to London by Road: Mr. Nishith Jois with his wife Priyanka Nishith Jois –

Delhi to London by Road: Mr. Dilpreet Singh Bindra –

Nagpur to London by Road: Dr. Abhijit Deo (Orthopedic surgeon) –

Kolkata to London By Road: Ms. Tanushree Nandan –

Road To London 2017 has been a huge success. We have accomplished what only a few can even dare to dream.

We could not have achieved this and all our other accolades without the love and support of our beloved patrons. We would like to extend our gratitude to all of you for putting your trust in us and hope you will continue to count on us for all your travel needs and wishes.

Return Journey – We shipped our vehicles back to India from London.

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