Solo trip to GOA’s Hippie town – Arambol (INDIA) | Travel Vlog | Episode 1 – HIPPIE CARNIVAL 2020

Also known as Freak Festival , this Art of Carnival at Arambol , GOA (INDIA) is something which is a lifetime experience and is one of its kind.
It happens in the month of February at Arambol beach.
The dates are flexible and not announced too
much in advance as they want to keep it very true to the culture and no commercial gatherings..
There is a different theme of the carnival every year and most amazing part is , you have the liberty to be as quirky or classy as you want to be and there would be nobody to judge you!
Lot of artists , dancers , acrobats, performers come together to give performances with the energy levels unmatched! At least i have never experienced so much of energy and adrenaline anywhere else.

1. The carnival parade starts near Rice bowl restaurant which is the extreme end of Arambol beach ( next to start of the flea market that leads to Sweet water lake ) and goes uptil the other extreme the beach just before Mandrem beach starts.

2. You can follow there page on facebook to get updates and to track date.

3. The founder of this festival is adorable guy from Amsterdam – ZouZou haha (facebook name)

4. You can also volunteer in carnival preparations that starts in mid January. Most of there prep meetings happens in this cool bar-

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