Tequila and Tamales in Guadalajara, Mexico | 100 Days, Drinks, Dishes, & Destinations | KQED

Take a virtual vacation with Leslie Sbrocco (Check, Please! Bay Area) to Guadalajara, the bustling and beautiful capitol of Jalisco, Mexico. Here, Leslie explores the city’s gastronomic pleasures (including mouth-watering tamales) and cultural treasures before heading out to Jalisco’s other famed destination – the small town of Tequila. She finds distilleries making the namesake spirit, Tequila, in the old-fashioned way. But Jalisco is also known for its cuisine, and Leslie seeks out a chef who is keeping traditional Jalisco recipes alive in the rugged countryside.

100 Days, Dishes, Drinks, & Destinations.
Episode 203: Guadalajara, Mexico
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