Travel for All: Around the World in a Wheelchair

Our core belief is that travel is a force for good when practised responsibly, that travel enriches those who are touched by it either directly or indirectly. Travelling with a disability requires a lot of organisation, but information on accessibility is often hard to find. Around 50% of people with a disability would travel more if they could be sure more accessible facilities were available.

Our goal then is to make Lonely Planet the world’s premier provider of accessible travel information, the first port of call for all accessible travel needs, not only for those with a disability, but for anybody with access issues. To learn more about this mission, see our post from our lead of this initiative (and star of this video), Martin Heng:

Read Martin’s Storify which gives context to his recent trip and this footage:

Do you or someone you know have a disability, yet are also a keen traveller? Join our Travel for All Google+ community for tips and discussion:

Our first Travel for All guide, which we’re extremely proud of: Accessible Melbourne. Available for free download, here: