Wheelchair Destinations Tour of Multnomah Falls Oregon

Host John Williams guides you through one of Oregon’s most visited tourist attractions Mulnomah Falls. As John always says, “know before you go!” Wheelchair Destinations is a travel show for people with disabilities. For years people with disabilities have relied on the little blue stick figure wheelchair sign to research places of interest while traveling. Many times being given incomplete or misleading information. Now Wheelchair Destinations will actually show you what is accessible and what is not accessible by using video and descriptions of some of the most beautiful and accessible places to visit. Each video includes a five star rating system, 1 star is inaccessible to a 5 star location that is totally accessible. John Williams is a radio and television personality. John Williams contracted polio as an infant in the 1950’s. When traveling, John uses his wheelchair. Each Wheelchair Destinations video contains magnificent cinematic scenes and music with John’s wit and personality to describe what is accessible when you travel. There is a big and diverse world out there and you can see and appreciate many accessible sites. The number of people with disabilities is increasing annually in the United States. Wheelchair Destinations is not just for people in wheelchairs. With the aging of the baby boomer generation, more and more people have the need to know what is accessible before they travel. Are there stairs, steep inclines, curbs, and other obstacles. How far is it to walk? Is there an elevator?